The Elephants in Hindu Armies

The Elephants in Hindu Armies Just as the American cavalry used horses in battle, Hindu armies traditionally used elephants known as war elephants....

Elephant Jokes

Q: Why did the Elephant stand on the marshmellow? A: So she wouldn’t fall in the hot chocolate. Q: How do you get down from an elephant? A: You...

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Elephant Resources - Key Facts About African Elephants

Key Facts About African Elephants African elephants are larger in stature than Asian elephants and are considered the largest mammal anywhere on land. Males can stand almost 13 feet tall and weigh close to 13,000 pounds. Females are just as majestic, reaching heights up to 8.5 feet and more than 7,000 pounds in weight. The [...]

Elephant Resources - Cartoon Elephant Drawing Tips: Fun for Kids and Adults

How to Draw a Cartoon Elephant. Drawing animals can be fun for kids and adults. It’s usually very exciting to draw animals that you like. You may want to make these creatures for study or fun. There are a few who are born with the talent of drawing while others should try to learn this [...]

Elephant Resources - Elephant Pictures: 10 Tips To Take Sharper Photos Like a Professional

Elephant Pictures: 10 Tips To Take Sharper Photos Like a Professional There are lots of amazing elephant pictures available on the Internet with extraordinary quality. One of the key factors that differentiates the professionals from the crowd is the sharpness that their photos exhibit. Obviously, this requires a good knowledge of how to take them [...]

Elephant Resources - Top 7 Elephant Free Online Games: ready to play and have fun

Probably you found this post because you are a fan of Elephants, and you are looking for nice online games. If your main objective is to relax a bit and have some fun, you are at the right place. I have selected 7 elephants free online games which you can play directly from this post. [...]

Elephant Products - Baby Elephant Figurine

A floppy-eared youngster takes a break on a warm summer?s day, lifting his trunk to the cooling breeze. Lifelike figurine captures the innocent charm of these gentle giants in loving detail. Polyresin. 5 1/2 inches x 5 1/4 inches x 7 1/2 inches high. Sale Price:$6.81 Read More

Elephant Products - African Elephant female

A long trunk, tough tusks and big ears are bold features of this lowly leaf-eater. African elephants are the largest of the elephant species, making them the largest land animal. They have four toes on the forefeet and five toes on the hind feet. African elephants live in large clans that splinter off into smaller [...]

Elephant Products - Elephant Reflections

Elephant Reflections brings award-winning wildlife photographer Karl Ammann’s gorgeous images together with a revelatory text by writer Dale Peterson to illuminate one of nature’s greatest and most original works of art: the elephant. The photographs move from the purely aesthetic to the informative, depicting animals who are at once enigmatic, individual, mysterious, elusive, and iconic. [...]

Elephant Products - North American Bear Baby Cozies, Elephant

Cozy up with silky soft security buddies made of cuddly ultra velour. Sale Price:$9.95 Read More

Elephant Products - Snow Globe Elephant Collection Desk Figurine Figure Desk Decoration

This gorgeous Snow Globe Elephant Collection Desk Figurine Figure Desk Decoration has the finest details and highest quality you will find anywhere! Our team prides ourselves on finding the best prices without reducing quality, and in this Snow Globes Collection, we have definitely done just that! The craftsmanship of this lovely Snow Globe Elephant Collection [...]

Elephant Products - Tiny Sterling Silver Elephant Stud Earrings

The pictures of These Solid Sterling Silver Earrings are Greatly Enlarged to show detail. Please see “Product Specifications″ for the size information. Sale Price:$13.98 Read More

Elephant Products - Webkinz Signature Asian Elephant

Ganz Webkinz ASIAN ELEPHANT Signature Series. Sale Price:$9.98 Read More

Elephant Products - Zutano Elephants 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set

Zutano Elephants 4 Piece Crib Set is a cute whimsical elephant theme in shades of blue, tan, orange, and green. This set includes the quilt, fitted sheet, dust ruffle and all around bumper. Sale Price:$186.58 Read More

Elephant Products - Big Ears (Baby Elephant) Art Poster Print – 24×36 Animal Poster Print, 24×36

Decorate your home or office with high quality posters. Big Ears (Baby Elephant) Art Poster Print – 24x36 is that perfect piece that matches your style, interests, and budget. Sale Price:$0.01 Read More

Elephant Products - Echo and Other Elephants

Echo and her elephant family stampede onto DVD in this spectacular two-disc set! Echo is extremely wise, an experienced mother and commanding matriarch of her family. Shes also an African elephant, and arguably one of the most famous elephants in the world through all the programs that documented her and her family for decades in [...]

Elephant Products - Lucky Elephant Statue

The stories are true: The person who owns this gorgeous elephant is a lucky decorator indeed! Impressive statue has the rich appearance of a hand-fashioned work of art. Polyresin. 11 1/2 inches x 4 1/4 inches x 10 inches high. Sale Price:$13.30 Read More