Elephant Ivory Carving Questions

Paul asks…

In addition to the elephant,which animals supply ivory for carving?

Andrew answers:

Ivory is a hard, white, opaque substance that is the bulk of the teeth and tusks of animals such as the elephant, hippopotamus, walrus, mammoth, narwhal, etc.

Thomas asks…

I have a wooden elephant carving of black ebony weighing over 200 Kgs with ivory tusks nearly 30 cm long..?

It stands 4 feet tall and nearly 3 feet wide. It has toe nails made of ivory too. The eyes are glass. It originates in Uganda I think. It is over 50 years old. Is there another one around?

Andrew answers:

Where the heck do you keep that?

Wayne asks…


and no i checked it is not illegal to sell.. within the recent years it as became legal

Andrew answers:

It is not illegal to sell ivory (elephant or walrus), however its sale is governed by an international agreement known as CITES. It certainly illegal to export out of your country (or to import it). Check CITES on the web.

Personally, I’d suggest you take it to a few antique dealers and get the best price you can.

Ken asks…

How much is a chess set with genuine carved ivory pieces worth?

I have a chess set with board carrying case that was purchased in Hong Kong in the early 1970s. The pieces are carved from elephant tusk ivory (not cool, but not much I can do about it now). There is an Asian theme with a lot of attention to detail on the pieces. The case is wooden and a bit roughed up. The pieces are in excellent condition. One set is stained brown, the other natural. Sets are distinct, but similar in style. The King measures 4.25.” Any clue on what venue to sell this and how much it’s worth? I didn’t see anything on EBAY similar to it. At other sites I’ve seen ivory chess sets go from $500 to $3000.

Andrew answers:

It really depends on whether or not you can find someone who wants to buy it. In the end, anything is worth only what someone is willing to pay you for it. I would suggest you take it to an antique dealer or an estate auctioneer in your area. They usually have a good idea about such items and should be able to give you an educated guess about its possible value in a sale.

Steve asks…

How do I know I got Ivory?

Recently I purchased a mutiple strain of white beads that had a “creamy” appearance to them with a oval shaped piece about two inches long by one and a half inch long.

The oval has an elephant carved on it with its trunk up raised and the piece is dated l908 long before the ban on Ivory.

How can I tell if I have Ivory or just regular cow horn?

Andrew answers:

I don’t think you can carve fine items like that into cow horn. Cow horn will be very grainy and will yellow over time, since it has a creamy finish it is likely real.


Kylee asks…

Has anyone heard of the tiny ivory elephants that went up to the moon on one of the Apollo missions?

One elephant was to be taken up, but Nasa found it. So the astrnaunt had the one carved into several tinier versions, smaller than a grain of rice.

Andrew answers:

No, never heard that story.

Cindy asks…

How do i get carved ivory tusks valued ?

These were given to me by a buddist monk and he told me they were very old. I am totally against poaching of any animal so i was very reluctent to accept these
,he assured me they were not from any poached elephant but that he had had these many many years and assured me that they were from elephants that had died under natural circumstances. I want to keep these but thought i need to insure them. How do i go about this and is it possible to send photographs to get some rough idea.
Many Thanks

Andrew answers:

You need to find an appraiser who will appraise contraband ivory. It has been ILLEGAL to buy or trade ivory since January 1990.

Also check and see if your insurance company will insure a banned substance. If they do, they may know of an appraiser who operates in your area.

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