Fun facts about elephants that may surprise you

Fun facts about elephants that may surprise you

You love the giant, yet gentle elephants. They are very impressive, but many people do not know a thing about them. For instance many elephant lovers know the trunk is used to pick things up but do they know it can hold two gallons of water? This is just one of many facts that most people do not know.

Elephants have very large ears but poor hearing. The elephant uses those huge ears to help to cool off on a hot day. Imagine having two fans stuck to your head in the middle of the summer. Now that would be refreshing.

Many people think elephants cannot swim due to their size. Fact is they can and will swim long distances if needed. They will use their trunk like we would use a snorkel.

Elephants feet are extremely sensitive. An elephant can use its feet to communicate with other elephants. By picking up rumbles from the ground made by other elephants they know if there are predators around and how close other elephants are.

Elephants are smart and can remember everything. They are only out smarted by humans and apes. They are smart enough to use a stick to scratch themselves or to intimidate an opponent.

No matter how hard an elephant tries they cannot jump. Their legs are not constructed to jump. Their feet only have bones in the front. The back of their feet are all fat.

Elephants have to carry a baby 22 months before it is born. Could you imagine being pregnant for almost two years? When the baby is born it weighs around 250 pounds. This is more than your average human weighs.

Elephants are amazing creatures. We as humans have alot to learn about how they live and just how smart they really are.

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